Department of Computer Science

Department of Computer Science
The Department of Computer Science offers a 3-year (6-Semester) Degree Course with intake of 30 students. The course offers programming languages, algorithms, database concepts , microcontrollers & networking abilities to students. The Department moulds young outstanding graduates who are academically strong in both theory and practical. Software being one of the strongest pillars of the Indian economy, the department of Computer Science at  CAS kanjirappally, nurtures  good graduates  with a high degree of technical knowledge in the developing fields. Department also encourages student initiatives like entrepreneurship, startup etc. by forming associations and clubs
Faculty Members:
  1. Smt. Soumya S, Asst. Prof. in Computer  -
  2. Smt.Anu Mohan, Asst. Prof. in Computer
  3. Smt. Athira. V S , Asst. prof. in Computer
  4. Sri. Shaji George Mathew, Asst.Prof.In Electronics